Having our walls in the house get accent by wood is a creative thing to do, especially during this pandemic. Rather than calling some carpenters, and ask them to make it. This is much better to do it on our own. Just simply follow these steps below.

Step 1: Make the Plan

First thing first, we must make a plan. You don’t want to regret what you made right after you see the result, right? Therefore, considering about everything from the very beginning is important.

For those who are not married yet, the choice is fully yours about the planning. However, for those who got married, there are more than just you in the house. You need to consider about other member’s thought as well.


After inviting the members of family, there are many thing that you all must plan in the first place; position, color, type. Let’s go deeper into each point.

1. Position

The first one is about the position. There are so many available walls in the house, but it’s pretty sure you cannot decorate every wall as you please. Choose certain wall that will be suitable to be decorated, so it adds more comfort to the house’s members. Even if you plan to decorate all walls, you must consider which place you are going to decorate first. Put first things first, okay?

2. Color

After you got the right position, the next thing you must plan is about the color. As what you have known about color psychology, it will affect someone’s mood and feeling. For example, red will boost someone’s energy. It will not be right to give red on the wall of your bedroom. Who plans to be full of energy when he is going to sleep?

3. Type

There are various kinds of wood you can find in the market. Each kind of wood has different characteristic. You also need to consider about the price. The better of the quality, the higher price it can be. Rather than finding the best one, it is better to find the most suitable one for you and your family.

Step 2: Measure What You Need

After you got all plan in your hand and all family members agree on it, the next step you must do is measuring. Measure the height and width precisely will help you to figure out the numbers of material needed for making the wood accent walls. Take notes either on phone or in a piece of paper, and make sure you bring it while buying all stuff you need in the shop.


As a note, after you know exactly what you need, you can do small survey to some shops. Find the one who provides what you need for a reasonable price. There are many shops in the city that can be a good choice for you. Asking for people’s recommendation will be a help for you to take the shortcut in this step.

During the shopping, please buy extra numbers for the material. Just in case you did something wrong during the process, you can quickly use the leftover material as replacement. The materials for this installment can be stored for a long time, so it will not be a loss for you to keep extra.

Steps 3: Let’s Install

This is the main step of all. You are ready to install the woods. Before that, make sure you equip yourself with all safety things, such as levels and gloves. Levels will be useful, especially when you have to reach the higher place. Gloves are important thing as well to make sure your hands are safe during the installment process.


The process of installing the woods to the walls might be a little bit challenging to do it alone. Therefore, inviting one or two persons to help you is a big help. Find someone you can share the ideas with, so you both can work together in installing the wood. One or two will be great, but don’t call more than that. The more people you work with, the more disagreement you might find in the middle of the process.

Steps 4: Do the Finishing Part

In this step, you’d better make sure that every part is already covered by the wood. You will also need to check whether there are nail holes, gaps, and seams left on the surface. If there are still some holes, caulk it and sand the molding. If there are some nail holes, do the same way. The smoother the surface is, the easier for you to paint later on.


After you are sure you have done the finishing part, please re-check it one more time. Once you paint it later on, it will take extra things to do if you must uninstall it for some reasons. Re-check, re-check, and re-check, until you are really sure about everything on the wall is already okay. You might want to divide each task with the other while doing this process. Make sure both of you talk about it together, so everyone knows what they must do during the process..

Steps 5: Put Some Color on It

Here we come to the last step. Open the color paint and prepare the brush you are going to use. Before you paint, cover the floor around the wall with papers, so the color paint will not spread anywhere during the painting process. Brush in the same direction to create a better result.


During the shopping, rather than seeing the color from the sample on the brochure, it is suggested for you to see how the color looks like when it is applied to the wall. It might be different between the color that you see on the brochure and once you install it. The shop will usually provide the real example, so we can take a look closer about the result of each color after applied to the surface.

Those are five steps you can do to put some creativity on your walls. Make sure you follow each step carefully, so you will not regret anything when the process is over. Good luck!

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