Finding a perfect bench for your tiny room is quite hard because it is either too big or too small. Sometimes, you need to customize it yourself so that it can be perfect for the room. Why not trying to make the bench yourself? You can have the perfect bench that suits your needs, plus you can be creative and make it unique.

You might also have some additional storage space by making your own bench. Plus, it will be a lot cheaper than buying the bench, especially when you can re-purpose some old furniture. Here are some DIY ideas to inspire you.

1. Storage Bench with Cushion

The best bench to make for your tiny room is a bench with storage. You won’t need to buy more cupboard or maybe shelves because they only make the room feels crumpled and smaller.

This storage bench will help you to store your belongings and it will hide it under the seat so that the room will look bigger. Plus, you can have comfortable seating with some pillows and cushions.

Making the storage bench with cushion is not that hard. But, you will need to use a piano hinge so that it will help in holding the lid up. It is very useful because the lid will not close by itself and it can be very safe for your fingers.

You can also customize the size so that it can be perfect in one corner of the room. Add the bench cushion that will fit the length of the seat.

If you cannot make the bench, you can still have a storage bench by re-purposing your own kitchen cabinets. You just need two kitchen cabinets of your choice and make the base with lumber.

Then, screw the cabinets and the base together, and you will have your storage bench in no time. Add the cushion on top of the bench and you can use the cabinets to store your kitchenware or books or anything to save more space.


2. Farmhouse Bench

Farmhouse style is now becoming a trend for a house and if you like this cozy and warm style, you can make your own farmhouse bench for your small room. This bench comes with the table, but it will be perfectly fine if you only make the bench.

You don’t need to worry if you also make the table because you can tuck the bench under the table if you don’t use it to make some space in your room. Plus, it doesn’t need lots of money to make because you will need under $110 to make this gem.

The making process of the table and the bench is very simple and you don’t need lots of materials for it. You will just need to attach the legs and the frame.

Sand the table and the bench, and apply the coat to add some rustic look. Just decorate the table and you can have a lovely dinner with your loved ones.


3. Hairpin-Legged Bench

Having a small room can be a pain in the head, but you don’t need to sacrifice the aesthetic looks for your room. This hairpin-legged bench will add more elegance to your room and it will make the room looks bigger at the same time.

The bench is also very easy to make and you don’t need to make the legs yourself. You can buy the hairpin legs for cheap and attach them to the planks. If you want to be more creative, you can make the backrest for the bench using some planks.

Coat the bench and it will be done in a minute. You can place the bench in the hallways and store your shoes underneath. Or, you can also use some baskets to store your favorite things and store them under the bench.


4. 2*4 Small Bench

You don’t need to struggle a lot if you don’t have enough space because this small bench will save you. This bench is very small and cute, plus it is only 2*4 in size so that it won’t consume lots of space in your room.

This bench is quite small so that it doesn’t require lots of materials and you can even use some woods you already have at home. It is also very easy to make even if you don’t have a knack for being crafty.

To make the bench, you will need to cut the board based and make the X-legs. Secure them together and coat with the painting. You can make it simple, but you can also make it with the armrest and backrest to make it more comfortable. You can leave the bench by itself to add the rustic looks or if you like more elegant looks, you can add a cushion on the bench.


5. Shoe Storage Bench

Having shoe storage on the hallway can be a blessing for your small room. But, what if you can have both of the storage and bench? You don’t need to worry because this shoe storage bench is the answer to your problem. You can have the bench and you can store your shoes and hang some hats or maybe your bags on it.

You just need to make the frame of the bench and assemble the cubby divider. Then, add the board panel as the seat board on the bench. Add additional corbels and shelf on the bench. You also need to add the hooks and make the bench pretty by coating it with your favorite paint.

Store some painting or boxes on top of the top shelf and hang the hats or bags on the hooks. Place the bench in the hallway or you can also place it in your laundry room and use baskets to store things on the cubbies.

If you want a more simple bench, you can make the frame and use crates for the divider. You can store lots of things, including your shoes on it, and just slide the crates out if you want to take out the shoes.


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