DIY wood projects might be hard, especially when you are not familiar with the tools or the design. It is quite understandable if you are worried about your very first wood projects, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot start right away. You can rest assured; we got your back.

There are lots of DIY projects that require minimal skills and simple tools that you already have at home. Here are the easiest DIY wood projects you can try at home, plus some tips and tricks to make your first project goes well.


1. Chopping Board

The simplest thing you can make yourself is a chopping board. All you need to prepare are jigsaw, cordless drill, miter saw, Forstner drill bits, orbital sander, tape measure, walnut strips, and safety glasses. After you have prepared all of the tools, you can start making your very own chopping board.

  • The first thing you need to do is lightly clamp five walnut strips together and drill ½-inch holes at ¾ inch centered from the end of the walnut strips.
  • Make an arch by taking the walnut strips out of the clamps and saw each of them. After you have done, glue each piece and assemble them together. Make sure that you don’t glue the dowel handles.
  • Wait until the glue dries out and unclamp the cutting board. Sand each corner of the board. Drill ¼-inch deep and ¾-inch diameter holes at the corners. Brush some Butcher Block oil on the chopping board and it is ready to use.

The chopping board is very easy to make, but you need to make sure that you use water-resistant wood glue so that your chopping board won’t easily fall apart. You also need to make sure that you don’t clean it in the dishwasher because it will damage the board. During the sanding process, make sure that the cutting board is even or at least make sure that you glue the strips as even as possible.


IMAGE: familyhandyman.com

2. Serving Tray

Making your own serving tray is a very good idea because you can use it to serve anything to your guests with it. Plus, you can make them impressed because you make it with your own hands. Making the tray is quite easy, and you can make it with reclaimed barn wood which has a unique natural color.

  • Just grab some reclaimed barn wood and cut it using the hand saw.
  • Glue them together, or you can also use nails to attach each piece.
  • After you have done assembling them together, you will need to sand both sides and seal it with a safe food wax, such as Annie Sloan wax and coconut oil.
  • Add belt handles on each side and secure them with nails.

Making the serving tray using reclaimed barn wood is very easy, but you need to make sure to sand each of them well so that the wood fiber won’t hurt your hands. The only downside of making the serving tray with reclaimed barn wood is the weight so that you need to make sure to use a thick belt handle. If you don’t really like using the barn wood, you can change the material, but the steps to make are the same.

3. Bench

This third project is a level higher than the previous projects, but it is also very easy to follow. All you need to do here is to cut the 3/4-inch plywood as in the picture and use 1 5/8-inch screw to attach each piece together. After you have prepared all of the pieces, just attach them together and sand each piece.

You are free to color the bench, but it is also okay if you just coat it with wood paint. Although it is not as easy as the previous projects, you can increase your skills by making this bench. Plus, making one for you will be very useful because you can use it to do your next project.

4. Coat Rack

Coat racks have different shapes and forms you can choose from. But, this DIY coat rack is very different from the one you can find on the market. The coat rack requires little materials and it will be best to make it if you don’t have enough space in your little apartment.

All you need to do is to assemble each piece together and attach it to the wall using screws, and your coat will have its own space. To make the coat rack, you will need to prepare paintbrush, circular saw, 4-in-1 screwdriver, level, 1×4 board, hooks, paint with the color you like, drywall anchors, primer, and sandpaper.

  • Work on the board first. You can sand it and paint it beforehand before attaching it to the wall. Don’t forget to attach the hooks on each board.
  • Attach the screws on the board until the screw tips penetrate through the back of the board. Attach it on each end and in the middle. Place it on the wall and slightly press it to mark the point.
  • Screw-in the drywall anchors on the marks and attach the boards on them.

Image: familyhandyman.com

5. Bathtub Tray

Having a cup of tea while having your relaxing time at the bathtub is necessary, especially after a long day at work. But, the limited space around your bathtub won’t let you do so. If that’s the case, you can make your own bathtub tray so that you can enjoy your bath time more.

  • Cut the pinewood based on the size of your bathtub. Use sandpaper to smoothen each corner of the wood. Please make sure there are no splinters on it so that it won’t hurt you when you are enjoying your bath time.
  • Coat the pinewood with Puritan Pine. Let it dry overnight before going to the next step.
  • Add the handles on each side. Secure it with the screws. Make sure you don’t drill through the board to prevent you from getting hurt later. You can also use screwdrivers so that you won’t drill the screw through the board by mistake.

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