Wood furniture tends to look heavy, not to mention taking a lot of space. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t mix well with small homes. As long as one knows the tricks on how to choose wood furniture that will fit their homes, nothing is impossible. In fact, it can be done in three simple steps:


Know Your Budget

Unless you are willing to settle with plywood furniture that will break in a few years, mind your budget before shopping for wooden furniture. After all, wood is an expensive material – if you are looking for high quality wood, expect a significant dent in your wallet. If you don’t have much to spare, here’s how you can play around your budget to get the finest quality wooden furniture possible:

1. Look for deals

Some stores periodically offer discounts on certain pieces of furniture. You can also look for online catalogs to research the prices and styles that will fit your needs.

2. Shop secondhand

Secondhand items are usually cheaper than new ones (in exception of, say, intricate antiques.) As long as you are willing to spend some time and look around, it’s easy to score good quality furniture in secondhand stores.

3. Only buy best furniture that you will use daily

Since furniture is an investment, they better be worth it especially for items that you and other people in the house will use every day such as beds and tables. Otherwise, you can settle for lower quality furniture for items that will grow out on the user (for example, children bed) and items that are not used as often (for example, furniture in guest bedroom).

4. Buy one piece at a time

You don’t have to force yourself into debt for a fully furnished home. After all, as long as you have the core furniture (bed, table, and kitchen counter), the house should be livable. Note that small homes don’t have a lot of space to begin with. So, by starting with these core needs, you can judge what you need and don’t need first then slowly add one furniture at a time when you have enough money. This way, we can avoid over-spending.


Check Wood Quality

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you must settle for second-rate furniture. Though the price foretold the quality of the material, at least check the wood quality to ensure the best choice:

1. Pick solid wood furniture

They are surely expensive, but that’s a small price for something that will last for a lifetime. Plus, they will eventually become discounted items since not everyone can afford something expensive, so look out for this kind of deals.


2. If solid wood is not a choice, then pick thin veneer over plywood

Thin veneer is unlikely to split, making it durable. However, make sure to use it with care as the veneer surface can peel away.


3. If plywood is the only option, choose thick plywood

Since plywood is made by layered cheap wood reinforced with glue and resin, it made sense that thicker ones are hardier compared to thinner ones. Nine wood layers or more is recommended for the best durability.


4. See Types of Wood

Different types of wood have different quality aspects which affect the furniture end price.  So, don’t forget to ask what wood is used for the furniture.

Depending on the furniture, you may want to choose between hard and softwood as well. For further details, look for information about the wood used on the internet before choosing the furniture.

5. Stable or not?

If you are choosing furniture to sit on (such as benches or chairs), make sure that they are stable. Check by sitting and leaning on them.

6. Look out for the details

Especially when choosing secondhand furniture. Good quality wooden furniture must have even varnish and hasn’t worn out too much. Look on the handles in case of cupboards or drawers – used goods may have handles so worn you may need to replace them upon purchase. Avoid wood slides on drawers as they will break over time.

7. Choose furniture that is assembled using glue and screws or joints

Screws hold everything together stronger compared to nails and glue will reinforce the screwed parts without being visible. However, joints (especially mortise + tenon combo or dovetail joints) are even stronger than screws.

Choose Multi functional Furniture

Since the space is small, the house will look like a dollhouse if one choose every furniture to be small. So, to make your space look like a real home, choose multi functional furniture instead. They will safe space and money as they serve multiple uses. Here are some ideas when choosing multi functional furniture:

1. Look for ones with storage spaces

There’s never enough storage spaces for a small home. So, look for benches, coffee tables, and bed frames with drawers underneath. These storage will help you eliminate the need for buying cupboards or closets without making your house messy.

2. Consider hidden tables

Since we don’t use tables all the time, hidden tables are a perfect solution to save space in small homes. Look for folding tables, raised coffee tables, or hanging desk with L brackets that can be folded onto the wall when not used. If the space is enough for a full-sized table, consider expandable tables to accommodate more people when needed.


3. Buy a small cart when you feel there’s not enough counter space

Carts are useful for many different occasions. When cooking, they can be a kitchen island. When you need a small space to work on, they can be a table. They can also be a mock coffee bar if you want them. Super versatile!


What differs wood furniture to any other types of furniture these days are simply the material choice. That’s why people today can use wood furniture in small spaces given good choice. As wooden materials have earthy patterns, they can give natural vibes in your small spaces. Plus, they last longer compared to other materials – so consider them an investment for your homes.

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