If you find your wooden surface tired, the best way to give it a fresh start is by giving it a new coat. To be able to do this, you should strip off the old stuff. Regularly, people will strip the old coat using one of the usual methods including sanding, chemical stripping, and heating. Here is a little guide on this.

1. How to Remove Paint from Wood by Sanding

In this method, you will use clapboard sanders and power sanding disk. These tools basically grind away paint. It makes the best method for a large flat area. However, this isn’t an indoor working. You need to vacuum the dust to reduce risks.

There are recommended sander for this job:

A. Bosch Power Tools 1250 DEVS Electrical Orbital Sander

This is currently the most recommended tools. It has dual mode to cope with different difficulties of sanding area, while its powerful motor will help you to work best in any variable of the speed.

Remove Paint from Wood with Bosch Power Tools 1250 DEVS Electrical Orbital Sander

B. Makita 9903

This tool is completed with dust bag so it actually reduces the amount of dust created. Meanwhile, this tool also has a quiet motor that allows you to work with less noise. The motor is powerful enough.


C. Tacklife Orbital Sander

This tool is highly recommended as it has a very nice design that will comfort any newbie DIYer. Yes, it is a perfect tool for those who like to do it by themselves. In addition to all, it has six variables of speed.

Remove Old Paint from wood surface with Tacklife Orbital Sander

The step to use this method regardless the product you choose to use will be:

  • Remove the furniture you want to work with
  • Clean the entire surface you want to start working on
  • Use a working glove and prepare the tool you want to use
  • Start working with smaller area and move to its side to widen
  • Vacuum the dust immediately, and start working on other part of the furniture
  • Repeat the steps to clean the entire furniture
  • Sand difficult areas and details with sandpaper

2. How to Remove Paint from Wood by Chemical Stripping

In this method, we use chemical solution to remove the coats. It can be in paste, gel, or liquid. This method allows you to have no chips or dust, but this process takes a long time, and it is a little messy and smelly. It can reach difficult parts though so it is worth to try.

How to Remove Paint from Wood by Chemical Stripping

There are recommended products for this method:

A. SmartStrip

This product is paste and the paste can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed because it is like a frost in consistency. It has benzyl alcohol ingredient, and it can help you removing a lot layers of paint. It costs around $65 per gallon. You only need to clean the residue with nylon brush and then rinse the surface with water.

How to Remove Paint from Wood with SmartStrip

B. Peel Away

This is also a paste and you can apply it on the surface you want to clean and cover it with control paper given along with this product. Once it is dry enough, you can scratch the paper, and the paint will be automatically removed too. Brush with wet nylon brush after before using neutralizing solution to start a new paint layer.

PeelAway to Remove Paint from Wood Surface

C. Citristrip

This product is actually a gel product and it is on orange color. This paste is actually thin so it makes a perfect product for furniture small details. You only scrapper, and then use mineral spirits and abrasive pad to clean the removal residue.


The step to use this method regardless the product you choose to use will be:

  • Clean the wood surface
  • Apply the solution using the direction given on the label of each product.
  • Wait until suggested time
  • Remove the paint using the recommended tool
  • Clean the residue as recommended

3. How to Remove Paint from Wood by Heating

This method helps you in removing the paint by using heat upon the paint layers. The heat will soften the coats so it will be easier for you to scrap it. The downside of this method is that it creates fumes, and it can possibly create charred wood.

There are three tools that are recommended for this job:

A. A Heat Gun

This is a good device to make the paint coat a lot more softer. The key will be to use the right temperature. If the temperature is too low, it takes forever for you to finish one small stuff. If it is too high, it can char the wood, create vapors that are harmful. It can even burn your house.


B. Infrared Device

This device stays on 300°F, and it softens the coat, even the decades old layer. While it makes the coat easier to remove, it actually adds moisture on the wood surface, allowing to apply new paint easily too. However, the device is usually bulky and it can’t reach awkward corners.


C. Steam Stripper

This device softens the paint using water vapors. The device keeps the temperature not more than 212°F, which is a safe point if you do it at home. This device doesn’t create fumes and dusts, but it can saturate the wood for creating too much moisture.

The step to use this method regardless the device you choose to use will be:

  • Prepare the heating device, a scrapper, and a metal paint tray on your side.
  • Start heating one area first. If the paint starts to bubble a little, stop the heating.
  • Next, immediately scrap the area but carefully because the paint is possibly still hot enough and it is dangerous to get a skin contact with it. Repeat the steps until you can remove paint on the entire surface

So you have more than enough options when it comes to removing the paint. You can use one of the recommended methods above. Use the proper tools and take enough time to really remove the entire paints. Are you ready to start now?

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