If you are following the latest furniture trend, you must have known that mango wood is so popular. It has been a talk and a sensational topic among furniture designers. You could easily find one in the nearby store, crafted into many creative shapes, painted in many colors and stain. What are so special about this type of wood?


Why Is It Popular?

At first, mango wood gains popularity as an alternative option for sustainability campaign. With higher demand of furniture and the long time to wait for high quality wood, it could be predicted that the demand won’t meet the deadlines. Thus, a new option should be found: something that could grow pretty quickly and have beautiful grain and natural tone.

Mango wood answers all those requirements. Before mango wood is widely used, mango plantation burns the remaining log to open a new area for planting. Now that the log is valuable, these logs could provide extra money. For the carpenters, mango wood is a great material because it could be shaped easily.

The Beauty of Dakota Mango

You might never hear about mango wood, but Dakota Mango will ring a bell. It is one of the most loved type of mango wood. Usually, the furniture made by using Dakota Mango will be stained with dark tone. On top of the stain, a lighter gloss is applied, showing a sheen glow whenever the light shines.

Paired to the majestic look is the timeless design. It is rare to find creative curves or bending with Dakota Mango. On the contrary, there will be plenty of clean lines. Yes, the shapes are mostly square or any other shapes with sharp angles. Adding Dakota Mango to your room will surely bring a professional, modern and cozy vibes.


Tips to Pair Mango Wood Dining Table

Mango wood dining table might not be the only furniture in the room. However, you could decide that the table must be the first thing that the guests notice. In this case, you need to set the mood right. There are two things to adjust: the room tone and the lighting.

Most mango wood designers keep the natural tone and emphasize the wood grain. For mango wood with lighter finishing, then the best pair is lighter wall paint. It springs the fresh look and also creates wider space illusion. Since the dominating color is brown, this theme is often called a beige or brownish sampler.

For those who love darker tone, the colors must be popping and bold. You could try to put on pictures or install wall decorations. It is also okay to add neon light bulb on the dark wall. On the floor, avoid anything dark; pick a lighter tone instead. This way, you will set the mango wood dining table as the focal point.

After you fill the room, it is time to light up the vibe. Your room could get the natural light from the windows or from the light bulb installation. Light colored mango wood compliments the room that has windows or close to the door. On the other hand, the darker mango wood tone could shine brighter under the lighting fixture. 


Benefits of Using Mango Wood

As mentioned before, mango wood is collection from the plantation. If the furniture companies do not admit its potential, then it will be burnt to ashes. The technical term for mango wood is by-product. It is different from oak or similar woods, which is planted to be harvested. For this reason, mango wood could be sold in more affordable price.

Just like the other wood materials, mango wood needs additional layer to increase its durability. Before the application of protection coat, this material is moderately durable. The manufacturer and the costumers will be happier when they have a long-lasting product. This is why furniture store only sells mango wood with lacquer finish.

Another benefit would be customable nature. Mango wood is relatively easy to work with. The carpenters only need skills and creativity, no fancy tools. If you are not happy with any product on display, you could always ask for a custom model. It won’t cost much because any carpenter could do the job.


Concerning Disadvantages

Although mango wood seems perfect, it also has several weaknesses. One, it requires regular polishing schedule, which is not as long as the other sturdier woods. If other polished wood could stand for two or three years, you should polish mango wood annually. Skipping the procedure will make the wood cracked.

Another disadvantages that you might not be fond of is the stain and discoloration. Mango wood is a sensitive type of material. You cannot apply just random chemicals or stains on it. Otherwise, the color will start to fade or change. Even when you put a hot pan on the table, the stain will remain there.


The Maintenance Steps

To have a nice mango wood dining table for many years to come, you cannot rely solely on the manufacturer. Hoping that the initial primer and stain will last forever is not a good thing. Once the wood table arrives in your home, there are a lot of things happening. You should maintain it properly, preventing any unwanted damage or unnecessary stains.

The basic and probably easiest thing to do is wiping the table using wet cloth. It works better than dry cloth to lift up all the dust on the wood surface. Make sure you wipe the table well. Anytime the water spills on the table, wipe it immediately. Otherwise, it will leave a mark. Similar rule applies to perfume, deodorants, alcohol, and other kinds of liquid.

It also helps that your mango wood dining table is not directly exposed to sunlight. Continuous heating will speed up the fading process and even cause cracks. So, make sure to arrange it on a nice, airy corner. You might also want to rotate the table, so all sides could be aired well. One more thing: mango wood dining table should stay far from fireplace, heater, and radiator.


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