Wooden furniture is the best choice for those who are going for a natural or rustic style, be it inside or outside their homes. If you are thinking of decorating your terrace or garden but don’t know what to choose, here are the six most popular wooden outdoor furniture for your consideration:

1. Benches

Benches are no brainer option for outdoor furniture. They can be easily found in parks, so why not put one outside your home? They are literally a perfect fit for outdoors. Plus, they are a bit more versatile compared to outdoor sofas – if you want some cushioning on the seat, you can put some pillows on them for a mock sofa!

This is especially perfect for those who live in rainy or snowy areas (which can ruin sofas pretty quickly) and/or has big trees in their garden (creating the possibility for leaves and insects to stuck on the sofa.)

Overall, benches are easy to DIY for cheap. Check out the lattice-hatch bench or pallet bench above. The materials used are reclaimed and don’t take a lot of modification, making them a good bargain for beginner carpenters.

If you want a bench that blends into nature, try making a circular bench that surrounds a tree – this idea is perfect for wide gardens with a lot of people in the house.

2. Garden Tables

If you like to host parties in your house, having an outdoor table will be a real helper especially for Summer parties. They are also good for alternating jobs and works from indoors (for example, working with laptops, crafting, cooking, etc.) or hosting guests in general.

If you think you will use the outdoor table a lot, it’s a good idea to choose a Lincoln lawn table which is a table and seat combo (which means you don’t have to think about extra costs for the chair.) For those who host a lot of party during summer, having a build-in cool box on the table is another good idea to consider.

3. Recliners

Are you the type to laze around in sunny afternoons? Then you will appreciate recliners. They are perfect for those who lay around and relax. And, if you don’t relax enough, you can buy one to give yourself a reason to relax. If you use your garden or patio solely for relaxing, recliners can also give a good accent for the vibe.

Check out unique recliner shapes that will catch the eyes but still serve the comfortable experience such as this summer waves wooden chaise recliner. However, if you want a recliner that looks more tropical, traditional models will look better especially those who use thin cuts. There are also actual tropical recliners such as the Tahitian style reclining chaise shown above.

However, depending on the person, recliners may be a big purchase. If you are one of those people, then try a hammock instead. They will need wood support if you don’t have trees, pillars, or walls close enough for them. Otherwise, they should be cheaper compared to solid wood recliners and give similar experience anyway.

4. Swings

Speaking of hammocks, there are other hanging furniture types that are popular as well. Classic swings, one that often appears in our childhood, is one of them. They are perfect for those who have kids or need to channel their inner children. If you are afraid to get one because they are hard to install, you can get swing models that only use a single rope as the support such as sailor swings.

However, there are also other swing models that look more ‘adult’ and can accommodate more people not to just sit, but also to lay down such as this hanging daybed. One thing that you need to take care of, however, is that they can’t be positioned under direct sun unless you want them to get dirty very quickly. So, if you want a hanging daybed, make sure that they are at least under a shade (which is why they are perfect for terraces).

Savannah Manse DIY Outdoor Swing Wooden Furniture Projects

5. Garden Divides

Can fences be counted as a furniture? Well, furniture actually also counts decorative pieces, so it definitely is! Besides, for outdoors, fences are totally a common sight. So, it’s better to make them count as well, especially if your garden or patio is small.

Plus, since they are pretty much stand in the background they don’t take up as much space as any other furniture – more room for plants and lazy chairs! They are also a perfect, pretty way to separate the garden from the outside world, making the space feel more exclusive and natural.

For the best result, use a big divide that is wide and tall enough to cover the line of sight from the outside. Don’t worry you don’t have to spend so much on it – it can easily be DIY-ed using pallet woods as shown above.

6. Billets

Do you like the outdoor day bed idea but hate how it can get wet or dirty easily? Well, billets can easily solve the issue! Billets themselves are boxes made to contain bed – which is pretty much a bed frame.

However, instead of an actual bed, you can fill it with soil and plant some short grass variety to lay on! Therefore, the ‘bed’ will be fine outdoors without eliminating the actual purpose. Plus, maintenance is super simple – just water them daily and trim the grass once in a while.

Since we are growing grasses in it, this furniture will look boring and redundant in gardens with natural grasses. So, natural grass billets are better for gardens without natural grasses, patios, or even terraces. Being an artificial environment, the soil and grasses will not be bothered by insects or worms as long as you nurture them – so, you don’t have to worry laying on the grass even with your best clothes!

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If you like to hang out outside the house, choosing the best outdoor furniture is absolutely necessary for comfort and durability. Therefore, it’s safer to choose popular furniture since being popular means they are easier to find in the market. Plus, just by being there, they can easily spruce up your garden or terrace!

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