Why using natural wood coffee table? Here is the reason. Many things happen on your coffee table. It can be as simple as having your morning cup of tea, or even it can be as complex as finding the right idea for your big project. Finding the right table will also determine how well you enjoy your time in the coffee table.

There are so many styles and types offered by the market, and it is your job to find the suitable one for your home. One of the best materials you can try is natural wood; most of the materials have great durability, so you shall no worry about long-term usage.


1. Movable Rustic Natural Wood Coffee Table (Four Wheels)

As you can see, this coffee table expresses chic and industrial vibe in its first impression. This table is made from distressed and solid timber with exposed iron. Using metal accents and wood design, this table will keep the furniture around stay pretty and elegant. The exposed iron and metal accent will work together to make sure that this table will guarantee you with high durability.

One unique thing that everyone will agree is the existence of four wheels below. It might be rare for you to find coffee table with wheels in the market because coffee table mostly stays in one place. Move the table in any part of your house that you think perfect.

2. Natural Wood Rustic Farmhouse-Styled Coffee Table

If you get enough modern touch and seek for a more nature feeling for your furniture in the house, this table will be the best option for you to take. The top of this table is made from recycled elm wood with the base using poplar wood, in which later on finished with distressed white painted. It will give you a farm house vibe into your home.

This set also provides matching console and side table as extras for the table. Enjoy the relaxing coastal sensation into your home.  Through the vibe this table brings, this coffee table works best for houses with modern farm house style or coastal style. Not only suitable for your coffee time, this table will be nice for you to enjoy the day with your family.

Natural Wood Rustic Farmhouse-Styled Coffee Table

3. Rustic Rectangular Grey Natural Wood Coffee Table

From your first glance, this table might look like a treasure box. It might not be, but who knows it might give you the vibe of one? Vintage appeal, charm, and storage; three things of what this coffee table has. It has metal detail to expose more the light wood. Spacey storage is especially made for you who enjoy putting stuff neatly, so later on you can take with the length of your arm.

This table is made of reclaimed solid pine wood. Perfectly designed with one lift top with underneath storage, two handles, butcher block wood effect, and bun feet and a planked. If you are someone who enjoys artsy mess, the distressed light gray finish will amuse you with its beauty of the wood grain. This table will work best with farm house style with indoor pop decoration.

Rustic Rectangular Grey Natural Wood Coffee Table

4. Trio Table Top Rustic Coffee Table

Why do you only get one coffee table if you can get three? If you are looking for extra intrigue to your house, this charming trio table top rustic coffee table will be on the list of recommendation.  The design is compact, perfectly made for ideal entertainment space in your house or apartments.

Made from brown wood, this table is divided into three sizes 11 inch, 13.4 inch, and 27.6 inch. Three different size will give unique sense of art in the house. Thank to its versatility, this unique coffee table will suit with any décor in the house. The round-shaped is made to avoid any damage in daily usage.

Each table is thick (18 mm) covered with triangle metal bracket, so it will stand strong and have high durability. It is lightweight, so you can move it easily while cleaning it or simply moving it around.

Trio Table Top Rustic Coffee Table

5. Rustic Pine Natural Wood Coffee Table

Coffee table nowadays is not only for enjoying your coffee or tea. It is also a place to chill with friends or spend the movie night with your beloved one. To accommodate those kinds of activities, space coffee table will be necessary.

This rustic pine wood coffee table offers you not only a spacey table space, but also ample storage for you to put your family stuff inside like pillow, extra blankets, or other odds and ends. With this moderate size, it will suit to both large and small living room area.

Made of engineered wood, pine wood, and pine veneers, this table is designed with two side hinged lift top, metal bracket accents, and cross buck details. Its weathered gray finish will deliver the farmhouse style into your house.

Rustic Pine Natural Wood Coffee Table

6. Black Rustic Coffee Table

Welcoming guests in the house might start from finding the right furniture to impress them. Begins with the coffee table, your choice of  the coffee table will determine the theme and the message you would like to deliver to any guests come into your house.

If you are someone who enjoys elegance and simplicity, and you would like to deliver it to your guests, this black rustic coffee table can fulfill your needs. No fancy decoration or sparkling stuff, but it has a dramatic and deep dark finish to boost its simplicity and elegance.

Iif you want to bold its purity instead, this type of table also available in white. There is a storage in the bottom, so you can put magazines or any odd stuff below to make sure the top is clear.

Black Rustic Coffee Table

7. Square Rustic Country Coffee Table

If you enjoy the nature color and you want to bring it into your house, this table will be the answer. The design offered by this coffee table gives us the vibe of palace decoration, yet it is simple and satisfying.

Rustic and elegance may be two things you can think about in the first time you see this coffee table, but don’t worry about the durability, it has a premium material of wood to make sure that the table can be used for long term usage and sturdy to any kinds of damage. It has complex details like rustic finish and curved columns.

This table will work best for a modern farm house style, beach style, or country decoration. Ample storage below the table will help you to save things, so you can make sure the top is always clean and clear.

Square Rustic Country Coffee Table
Square Rustic Country Coffee Table

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