Dining room is one of best places at home for having parties, family gathering, or a private romantic dinner for you and your beloved one. Therefore, you need to be considerate in choosing every furniture and decoration inside. Despite of limited space, you can use the round wood dining table to trick it. If space is not your issue, there are tons of ideas as well.

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1. Large 72 inch Round-Shaped Birchwood-Based Folding Dining Table

Some family are blessed with many kids in the house. Therefore, the existence of a huge table is necessary to gather all family in the dining room. This table takes small space to keep it and gather big number to serve. The capability to be folded helps you to save more spaces in the dining room when it is not meal time yet.

In addition, since it gives you extra space, you can hold a standing party in the house. This table might seem simple and tiny, but the fact is when you spread it, the length is 72 inch. With this size, you can gather approximately ten adults to join the meal.

It is not only suitable for home usage, but commercial spaces and banquet halls too that need movable tables in occasion. Made from Birchwood, this table also offers high durability for long-term usage.

2. Round Wood Dining Table Set (Including Four Side Chairs)

Finding the right dining table might be challenging for some people, but the real challenge is finding the right chairs that will be matching to the dining table itself. Thank to the existence of e-commerce, now it is easier to have the window shopping.

However, it is not a solution at all. Well, if you would like to save your time exploring furniture shops around, this round dining table set will be the answer for you. Not only get the wooden table, you will also get four side chairs.

It will work best for a small family living in a moderate house. The materials used for this set are blend fabric, manufactured wood, birch wood veneer, and solid wood.


3. Distressed Round Wood Dining Table

The choice of furniture will depend on the choice of the house theme in the first place. Therefore, it is important for the house owner to know the theme of his/ her house. Taking a look in this unique table might make you think about the perfect theme for it.

This stylish yet shabby chic table is one of a kind; it has contemporary touch and elegant in the same time. If you are someone brave to try new things in furniture, this table will make your dining area to become way more fabulous than it was.

The unique finishing on this table is done with wire brushing and hand distressing to make sure the shabby looks natural. It comes in two different sizes; please choose one that suits the area of your dining room.


4. Industrial Style With Pedestal Base Round Wood Dining Table

Being elegant is not always about the shining, shimmering, and splendid things. Finding the right wood and its complement can add the elegance into your dining area. In this industrial style round dining table with pedestal base, you will have the top made from wood, supported with the base made from metal pedestal.

The perfect combination you can find in this table will work best for industrial decoration that leans toward of a refined look. The type of wood used for this table is Acacia veneers and Acacia solids. You shall no worry about its quality because Acacia is well known for its high durability.


5. Mid Century Wooden Round Dining Table with Modern Style

Complex detail may be too much for some people who enjoy simplicity. Rather than finding one which offers much decoration, they prefer to find the simple yet comfortable for people to gather around. In this type of table, you will get what you are looking for.

Highlighting the mid-century modern charm, this table has less decoration or detail on it; simply a functional table yet nice to eat at. Both pedestal and base made from wood, so it adds nature vibe as well into your dining area.

Fulfilling people’s preference, this set comes in two color options; walnut (as seen in the picture) and white.  Find the right chairs that has similar concept of the table and you will get yourself a nice dining room.


6. 60 Inch Modern Round White Wood Dining Table

It might be a surprising fact. This modern look-like dining table was made as a result of inspiration from a 1960s antique. With neutral shades and sculptural look of the design, it will give you classic vibe into your dining room.

Magically versatile, this table will fit into any place of the house; put it in the breakfast area to enjoy your morning coffee, the family room for playing games around, or simply in the entryway for a statement piece.

The base legs are angular, so it will provide airy and unique touch. No need to worry to find the complement for this unique table, you will get rattan chairs included in the set. The rattan chairs will add extra nature vibe.


7. 54 Inch Round Grey-Colored Wood Dining Table

Nowadays, people tend to mix two different materials for making furniture. Some of them work well, so it can improve the value of the house.

However, there are also some of them that don’t work at all and reduce the value of the house. One combination that is known perfectly matching one to another is the combination between wood and stainless steel, like what you find in this 54 inch round grey dining table.

Guests will be attracted first to its cool look of stainless steel base that toughly support the warmth of wood pedestal. It will create a nice balanced combination on your dining area. You shall find the similar-themed chair for this table, so it will keep the balance of the dining area.


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