Among all the other decoration theme, rustic concept is probably giving you more flexibility. It has wide boundaries, allowing you to either be personal or chic. Everything could be adjusted to your preference without degrading the value of rustic warmth. Why don’t adapt it for your house? Start the project from your empty wall.

1. Reclaimed Wood Frame

Some of you may not be sure about rustic decoration. If you are still curious, then play safe by using the photo frame made from reclaimed wood. Should it fails to impress you, at least wall and photo frame are great pair. You could twist the display a little by adding support board and hang the frame on it.

There is one more idea for displaying photo frame on walls. In addition to your beautiful photos, you could add meaningful quotes in the middle. It could represent the pictures or just a value you remember. Play with the size of photo frame as well. Do you want to make it even more rustic? Pick black and white photos!

For those who do not want to display photos, you could always use empty frame. In this case, empty means that there is no plastic frame as well. You have the frame only. Spice things up with flower decorations and candles on the sides.  These combinations will look pretty on floating shelves.


2. Rules Sign

When you enter a house, you are ready to follow the rules from house owners. You, as the house owners, could either tell them verbally or let them help themselves by reading from a simple board. Since they might miss this rule sign, make it the vocal point by using rustic wood.

Easiest way to get this piece is buying online. There are plenty of options with different wording. However, you might not like the rules. In this case, you need custom printing, which is also available online. You send them the wordings and they will make it for you.

If you love crafting, then try to make this by yourself. The materials are simple; reclaimed wood, paper, scissors and paint. First, print out the wording and make holes on it. Put the paper on top of wood and paint. Another method would be drawing sketch on the wood and redo it with paint. Pick one that suits you well.


3. Wire In Frame

The idea of using frame has been around since ages ago. People put regular items in it; photos, flowers, leaves and many more. Have you ever thought of using wire? This simple material could be something pretty if you know how to arrange it. Recently, wire art is getting popular for its simple yet complex charm. Adapting this idea is not a bad idea.

To make wire in frame, you need an empty frame. Instead of twisting the wire inside the frame, you need to make the wire art separately. When it finishes, you could install them inside the frame. There are two popular options for wire art; the curl twist and the tree wires. Each is made using different technique, thus showing different charm.

Tree wire is usually made from sparkling wire. Each piece is thin yet joined together. It is common to have tall tree wire, so set the frame in portrait. If you want to alter the height, best bet would be curled twist. This technique makes bulb end in every end. You can make it short or tall.


4. Rustic Mirror

Which house have no mirror? Apparently, this furniture is a must. In many cases, mirror could be found in different rooms; bedroom, bathroom and even living room. Hanging mirror will add the depth of the room, so this trick is often used in small space house. Since it will be there, why don’t you make it prettier?

You could purchase this rustic mirror online. Unless you have limited budget, the commercial product is the best option. You will see plenty of options, ranging from simple design to complicated ones. Each one of them highlights the rustic feeling it could deliver.

Usually, house owners have their own taste. Simply buying online product won’t make them happy. If they want to create their own, then grab cheapest mirror without frame from thrift store. Grab some reclaimed wood as well. Start painting and get your desired tone and effects. Since the materials are not pricey, you could get three mirrors instead of one.


5. Window Shutter Display

Next time you see a window shutter, try not to open it and see the outside view. This item is often used as decoration, hung on the wall with no real window nook. Still, the shutter supplies great rustic feels to the area. However, it should be paired with other decorative items.

Do you want to take the safe path? Then match the color of your shutter to your walls. Apply special coating to keep the rustic effect. Most common pair for a pair of window shutter is one window frame and a flower wreath. Match their color with your wall as well.

If you plan to make the window shutter a focal point, then let the shutter has its natural glow. Instead of window frame, you could put floating shelf in between. Put mason jar or glass jar on top of the shelf. Bring vibrant colored flower to fill the jar.


6. Wall Sconces

What else could make a great wall decoration? Wall sconces must be in the list. It has a lot of functions. If you don’t want it as decoration only, then put some lights or candles inside. There you go; pair of pretty light sconces for your wall. For the holder, you could use mason jar. This item is often used in rustic concept.

Do you want something unique for your sconces? Try to get decorative hook instead of the regular one. Grab one with star or heart shape. Do similar approach to the board as well. Don’t go with boring rectangular; make the middle board longer than the other two. Look at the big differences made by simple adjustment.


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