Why using solid wood bedroom furniture? Some people find it challenging to find ideas about their master bedroom or guest room decoration? You need to consider the material, the paint, and almost everything inside the room. The fact is having a nice bedroom will help us rest better. Therefore, you shall consider about it carefully to create a nice and comfortable bedroom.

Wood is well known as one of best materials for bedroom. Not only for its durability, people use wood as their bedroom set material to bring the nature inside the room.

There are many kinds of wood used by the manufacturer to create the bed sets. Different solid wood will create different mood, so you’d better think about it carefully before making the choice.


1. Mid-Century Set – Simple Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture for Less Distraction of Sleeping

Made of solid wood oak, this mid-century set comes in variety of color. Its modern and simple appearance is supported with the nice platform bed frame and two nightstands.

The tone of color is soft and very low profile. Using Japanese design, this type of bedroom is definitely recommended for minimalism people, or at least those who enjoy simplicity in the bedroom.

Mid Century Set is also equipped with four boxes below the set for you to store necessary stuff, so you can grab anything inside with the length of your arm. Only core things are there in the bedroom, so you will not get distracted during your sleeping time.

2. Classic White – Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture with Extra Drawers for Extra Storage In Your Bedroom

Another minimalistic bedroom is on the list. This classic white style is a great option for you who get stuck and run out of ideas about what to do with the room. Some features of this set are made from solid wood, including four chests of drawers to keep your stuff around, night stand to accompany your reading book time, and bed frame.

For your information, the nightstand offers ample storage in the form of one drawer, with easy-glide suspension, so you will have extra storage around your bed to keep important stuff.

Made of solid poplar hardwood and engineered wood, all features are painted clean white, so it adds simplicity inside your bedroom. You can get the panel bad as big as queen size that thank to raised panels, you can use either with or without the foundation..


3. White Leather Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture – Bring The Luxury and Creativity Into Your Room

Let’s have a break from minimalism, and now let’s take a look in this luxury bedroom set. Using leather as the main material, this set perfectly delivers luxury into your room.

Coming from Orla collection, this set is made from solid wood, using white lacquer as its finishing. If you consider yourself crafty enough, the unique thing comes from this set is you can do-it-yourself (DIY) one of headboards of this set.

After all, it is not hard tho. You just need some leather upholstery, and combining it with some dedicated time and talent, you will create a masterpiece on your own room. When you purchase this set of bedroom, you will get platform bed only. Therefore, you shall prepare for purchasing its companion such as nightstand, mirror, dresser, and so on.


4. Sophistication – Unique Set That Is Elegant and High Durability

Being unique is cool, so you shall no worry about picking up unique set into your bedroom. Like what you can see in this sophistication set, you will find sophisticated overlapping manufacturing techniques (which you can barely find in any bed set style). Surprisingly, it is aesthetically designed to adjust itself in any styles of room you are planning to have.

The construction is made from solid hardwood, so you will get yourself a high durability bed set in your bedroom. The frame itself, it has flexible wood slats, so it permits nice air circulation beneath the mattress.

Another thing to be highlighted from this set is it has leather upholstery to make it look pretty and elegant. The headboard uses simple leather frame and it beautified with hand woven leather pattern.


5. Ultra Rustic – Contemporary Bed Set That Has Complete Features for Your Room

If you enjoy contemporary theme inside your bed room, this bed set is definitely yours. Ultra rustic bed set offers you a gorgeous solid wood, but with unfinished look.

This one is the unique part that highlights the contemporary, aesthetic, and elegant theme into your bed room. Come from Cierra collection, this set features three kinds; six drawer chest, two drawer nightstands, and the platform bad itself.

Six drawer chests will give you a chance to sort all personal things you have in a clean and proper way and two drawer nightstands will be a nice place to put the lamp and your phone while you are sleeping. If those two features are not enough, this collection also offers six drawer dressers and rectangular mirror to go.

Rather than buying these two separately, in which you might not find the right match, buying the extra features with same theme will match the whole features of your bedroom.


6. Hand Carved Designs – Complex Detail to Make it Look More Elegance

Birchwood is well known as one of hardwoods that have high durability. It is hard enough, so it will not leave any scratch because of finger nail damage.

This is the same material used for this hand carved designs. The solid wood is processed with marble traditional style, and it definitely offers elegance into your room.

Two main parts of the set, foot board and head board, looks perfect with linen upholstery and beautiful leather with a tufted look. As you can see, it takes complex detail work for this bed set.

Therefore, it is much more appealing to the eye. Comes as extra features, you can purchase drawers, mirrors, and nightstands to complete the need of your bedroom.

All of extra features comes with same material and design, so it helps you saving the time to find the right theme for your extra features.


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