A new set of sofas is what your living room desperately needs. The holiday season is in the corner and you need comfortable seats to welcome the guests. You don’t want to give up the interior level as well, so the wooden sofa set is the best choice. Do you know how to choose the most suitable one?

Trying the Sofa

It is an obligation to try the product you are going to buy. You cannot tell whether the sofa is comfortable by looking at pictures. The only way to tell is sitting on the sofa. Long time ago, there is a simple tool called age-old bottom test that is often used to check whether the sofa is suitable for the person. If you are new to buying sofa, then using this test is highly recommended.

The test goes as follows: the seat depth must be 60 cm at the minimum. This space provides enough room to move around. For those who have long legs, they could stretch their legs upfront, while the short-legged guests could hide their feet under the sofa. Remember that this is just a thumb up rule. Manufacturers create sofas with various depth, so make sure you choose the most comfortable one for yourself.

Here are some other useful tips for your sofa shopping:

  1. Generally, the seat high assigned for sofa is 45 cm to 50 cm.
  2. When you love to cross your legs while lounging, then it is best to consider a deep sofa.
  3. Those who love to lay down on the sofa must get the long and spacious sofa.
  4. Tall house owners should find a sofa with higher back support for extra comfort. 

Aim for Good Frame

After finding the sofa set with great size, the next thing to do is checking the frame. It is not less important than the overall sofa. A great frame could be used for a long time, while the weak ones could only hold for several years. It is not difficult to see which frame is the most suitable for you. There are three options of frame for sofa set:

1. Solid Hardwood

It is without doubt the best and most durable materials available. If you wish to use the sofa for years, then it is the best option to choose. The only warning for solid hardwood frame is the maintenance. Even though the outer layer has been protected with wax, you cannot ignore the regular cleaning and treatment to prevent termites.  

2. Metal Construction

This is another option for sofa frame; quite sturdy, but it doesn’t fit for lasting use. The downside of metal construction is the durability. The sofa set will do well on its first years, but probably crumble on the tenth year onwards. However, people love the light weight of the frame.

3. Particle Board

Do you ever wonder why two identical wooden sofa set have different price range? Take a closer look to the frame and knock it. Does it feel lighter and less firm than another? If you notice these qualities, then the frame is made from particle board. At the first sight, you might not be able to tell the difference with solid wood. Although they are similar, it cannot last as long as solid wood.


See the Cushions

It is important to check the inside of the cushion. You are suggested to check the inside of back and seat cushion. The commonly used material is feather, foam or fiber. As expected, each of them has several advantages and disadvantages. If you want maximum comfort, then take one filled with feather. Enjoy the high comfort but don’t forget to do regular plumping.

Does it mean that foam or fiber is a better solution? Not really. Repeated use will make the foam and fiber flattened. Thus, the best solution is combining feather and foam or fiber. The feather will provide the bouncy effect while the foam supports the structure. 


Feel the Fabric

Why should you care so much about sofa fabric? There are several good answers for this question. First of all, the color and pattern of the fabric will determine the overall look of your living room. It all goes back to your preference. If you plan to make the sofa as the center piece, pick bold color. Neutral tone would help the sofa set to blend.

In addition to color, you should pay attention to the material as well. Neutral fabric would break with constant exposure of heat. Thus, the sofa set should be placed far from the window. If this is the only available place, then pick synthetic fabric. This material is also helpful for those who lives with pets.                                                


Fit the Measurement

Nothing could be more disturbing than buying the wrong sofa set. You love the design and materials, but then the set doesn’t fit to your house. For this reason, you should bring the measurement of your available space when you visit the store. Otherwise, the eye-fitting might miss, which will cost you a lot.

Make sure to note the length and width of the available space. Match it with the width and depth of the sofa. The sofa width should be measured on its back, while the depth refers to the length from the front to back part. The main reason why eye-measurement fails is the lack of details. Different size and model of sofa set will have different measurement.


Shopping Online

Some of you really don’t have time to go to the store. As a result, you must be happy with online shopping option. A little tip for you: choose the standard measurement of 40 inches height and 44 inches depth. Any sofa set that is too small should not make into the list. Choose larger measurement only if you are taller than regular people.


Plan The Arrangement

Last thing to do is checking how you will place the sofa set in the room. For example, L sofa set is the most suitable for big living room and placed next to the wall. If you insist to have wooden set, make sure the space is big enough for the sofa and for your movement. For small house, put the sofa next to long wall.


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