Indeed, unfinished wood table tops make a real nice piece of furniture. It becomes a serious trend lately and the options get even bigger by days. If you consider buying one for your home, you may need to know the kinds of wood you want to get, how to clean it without ruining the natural beauty, and more tricks in using it.


What Kind of Wood?

When choosing this kind of furniture, it is really important to understand not only what you want but also what you need. They all look beautiful with all the grains, knots, and detailing being exposed.

While knowing the aesthetic and construction you would like to have, you also need to find the right kind of wood that fits your lifestyle. Commonly, the options include the following choices:


1. Oak Wood

This wood is extremely popular in furniture making for good reasons. Oak wood is really gorgeous, its grains and knots are pretty and it has the perfect color. For unfinished piece of furniture, this kind of wood is just fabulous.

It is also widely used for contributing solid stability. It is timeless so your next generation can inherit it while it is actually strong enough for heavy loads as well. It makes a perfect choice for a dining table. However, it is really expensive and it is very slow growing.

2. Pine Wood

Pine is another great alternative. It is significantly lighter than oak, but it still has the versatility for heavy use furniture piece as well. This wood is popular in rustic style decoration, and it becomes even more popular in furniture manufacturing.

The price is more affordable while it still features bright and natural beauty. The knots are often darker, giving each piece of this wood a unique character. The only downside is that it scratches quite easily.

3. Parawood

Parawood is the new star in furniture manufacturing. It is also known as AKA or rubber wood. As expected, it is from the rubber trees. After producing the sappy material, the trees are then chopped down for this.

It is cheaper than the previous two and light enough, so your furniture will be easy to move. It is long lasting as well, but it offers different color though. It has sort of yellowish shade which is also nice and warm actually.  

Of course, there are other options as well, but these three are the most popular and the most used recently. If you look for a material that will serve for heavy or busy activities around the house like dining table, you need to consider oak. However pine wood and parawood will be excellent for other pieces as well such as for console table, coffee table, and more.

How to Naturally Clean It

Unfinished wood table top is practically the same as fresh wood. It has no sealing so it has certain natural attributes including absorbent and porous. Understanding these natural attributes, chemical cleaning solutions are absolutely forbidden. The wood will absorb the chemical compounds, and these will ruin the grain.

When it comes to cleaning, natural method is always the best and friendly alternative. It is friendly not only for the furniture but also for the human being. It prevents you from being too much exposed to the chemical substances absorbed.

If you need alternatives for cleaning, these can be done so easily without the help of professional:


1. Frequent Dusting

It may sound simple, but it actually saves you from the hustle. In addition to keeping the pristine look, frequent dusting prevents your table top from getting the debris through time. Debris that isn’t cleaned from some time will be caked. When it happens, it will be so tough to clean it without risking the unfinished wood table top condition.

Dusting is possible with many kinds of tools, from modern to simple. Vacuum cleaner is your friend as long as you get the upholstery attachment on it. You can also use soft brushes like makeup brush, artist’s brush, or even tooth brush.

In alternative to those tools, you can always rely on duster made of feather too. It is soft enough but effective. However, you can also use soft cloth for even more satisfying result.

2. Natural Soap in Emergency

Sometimes, accident happens. Your kids spill the ice cream sundae and this should be cleaned right away. To remove the entire ice cream including the residue that tends to stick, you can natural soap.

Natural dish soap can be used when mixed with lukewarm water. Dip a soft cloth in the mixture and use the cloth to wipe the affected area. Then, wipe the same area with a fresh soft cloth dipped in white water. This step is to remove the remaining soap mixture on the surface.

When the stain is a little bit hard to clean, use a soft brush to help removing it. You can always find natural dish soap at the shops selling organic goods. 

Even More Tricks

Beside the basic cleaning methods, you can also use these tricks to keep your unfinished wood table top on ultimate condition:

1. Vinegar Magic

Mixing water and vinegar will help in cleaning hard stains. If you need stronger formula, make it 50:50. Put the mixture in spray bottle and use soft cloth to wipe.

2. Ice Cubes Power

In case of gum and other sticky stuffs, you can always ice cubes. Put several ice cubes in a plastic bag, and put it on top of the area. When the gum gets harder, put away the ice cubes and remove the stuff using spatula or plastic knife carefully.

3. Away from Heat

Direct heat can create splitting and warping on your unfinished wooden table. In order to prevent it, you can always place your table away from the radiator and fireplace for example. Make sure it gets enough natural light and fresh air as well.

4. Use Coaster

Yes. You need coaster for your glasses, and even your bowls and plates. It prevents your table top from getting direct heat from hot dish or watery and cold beverages all the time. A table cloth will suffice too.


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