Sometimes, it can be a tough decision to make. Buying a bigger dining table isn’t wise because we only have a small family and a small dining area. However, there are a few friends coming over sometimes, and we don’t have enough spot to seat them for dinner. Now these tables are maybe what you are just looking for:

1. Drop Leaves

This table was designed to fit small dining area. So if your house is pretty small, this can be a perfect fit for you. During normal situations, this table should sit two people nicely. However when you set up both leaves, you can seat four more people for dinner.

For occasional dinner party, this solves everything. The legs are all made of steel to promise strong construction and support. Moreover, this table is easy to move while its industrialist look makes it even more sophisticated. A small modern house should be completed with this table.

2. The Mid Century Look

This table doesn’t originally look like this. It is normally the usual round table with modern mid century style on the design. It is all made of wood and is finished with natural wood grain color. It gives a rustic touch on this simple and adds warm in it.

While it normally seats four up to six people nicely, it can seat two more people being expanded. Simply stretch out the left and right side to bring up additional slate in the middle. You can always slide it in again when the dinner party is over. 


3. Multi Layers Expand

It is made of wood and it uses a fine trick and technology for the expansion. This round table top consists of several layers of round pieces. Each layer can divided into a few separated parts that actually expand the width of the table.

The more layer that you expand, the width will also add. While it normally seats four people for dining, it can add up to four more people comfortably. The best part of it is that it stays being round when in normal and expanded situation.

4. Spin to Win

This table is similar to the previous recommendation. This table also uses mechanical technology to enable it to expand. In regular mode, this is a nice looking wooden table that should seat a family of four nicely.

Whenever guests come, you only need to lower the key and spin the top a little. A new layer will be lifted up and your previous top can pull aside a little. As both layers join, your round table becomes bigger. You can seat even more people on it and cleaning up is a piece of cake.

5. Rotate and Expand

This table also needs to be rotated before you can expand it. While the basic technology is the same as the previous two options, the set up is a little different. You need to rotate to pull up the additional layer below.

When the additional layer is up, you need to lay down a half of each part to create flat surface. The final top of the table won’t be even, being the original layer is a little higher, but the table gets bigger and it can seat more people.


6. Additional Edge

This table is also an agreeable option if you want a wooden round table that can be expanded. The mechanical of this table is simpler. Basically, we only need to pull out additional edge of the table. This additional edge is hidden under the original top on normal setting.

This additional edge is strong enough for dining duty, thanks to the strong structural below. In addition to it, the final surface can be made flat, so it is totally comfortable as well in the end. Most people don’t even notice the extension though.

7. Skovby Expandable Table

This table also uses slide and set up technology. The wooden table should make an ideal dining table for a small family of four. The base it strong with its only leg is large enough and set in the middle. The wide leg actually hides a nice surprise.

Pull out the edge of the table to the outside and it opens up the middle hallow on the table. From there will be four pieces of wood pulled out. These pieces can be set between the surface pieces, and it creates a new bigger width of the table.

8. Etoile Expandable Jupe

This is a popular expandable round dining table and it is featured in many recommendations. The table has two layers of surface. To expand the table, you only need to pull the top surface out and then press it a little to join the below surface.

While it looks nice and it uses cool technology, this table is actually very strong and elegant too. It is made in classic style, making it an elegant addition to a home while the style remains timeless.

9. Butterfly Expansion

This particular table looks more modern and it looks just sophisticated. The top of the table is finished in blue pastel color while the surface is covered with white glass for even more expensive looking finish. Yet, it has even more perk on it.

To expand the table, you only need to slide out the second and third surfaces. They will be set on the left and right of the original surface. Now, you have three surfaces on a single table. It can seat six to eight people which is great for a small tea party.


10. Fold and Drop

The basic final look is similar to one of the previous options. However, it requires different set up. While the other needs a pull out, this table actually has four drop leaves. Instead of in half round shape, it actually looks more like the out edge of the table being dropped.

To expand, we only need to set the leaves and fold out half of each leave and the vice versa to fold it back. While it expands the table nicely, the surface can’t be even though which is the only downside of this table.


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