A sturdy table is not only about the top material, but it is also about the four legs that support the top. Since there are many types of table for different purpose, you need to pay more attention to the material you are going to choose for the table itself. When you take a look on the market, you will find there are some well known materials that people usually use for making the table, especially the leg part.


Among many types of material used by people to make table’s leg, wood is one of materials that people prefer to use. Wood is popular for its high quality and amusing appearance. Wood is also easy to be cleaned, so you can use it for long term period. However, there are even more categories of wood that you must learn first before picking the right one for making the legs of your table.

1. Cherry Wood is Perfect to be Used for The Wood Leg of Your Table

Among all types of wood exist in the market, cherry wood is mostly used by American. Not only for the wooden table, is cherry wood also used for wood legs for the table that may be made from different material.

You can easily find this material in the market, therefore, people prefer to use this cherry wood for many kinds of purpose, including for wood legs. Cherry wood is also well known for its high durability, so you can use it for long term period.


Most people use it for dining area. One of unique things for having cherry wood as the main material for your wood leg is it will get darken as the time goes by, especially when it comes to the warm temperature.

That’s why, it is obvious for cherry wood to gain popularity. The detailed grain of this wood shows up perfectly if you can find the proper type of stain. With easy maintenance, you can use it for years and get better year by year.

With the color of reddish brown, you will find the price of cherry wood is quite expensive. However, it is worth for the quality that you will get when you purchase this type of wood, especially for your wood leg. It can suit to any material of top table.

2. If You’re Looking for Contemporary Concept, Pick Walnut As The Main Material

You can find many colors of walnut in the market, from dark chocolate up to white. That’s why, walnut is the best option to make a contemporary design, especially when you use it for making leg for your main table.

It fits to any types of top material, so you shall no worry about mixing this walnut leg wood with steel, wood, glass, and et cetera. The unique style of walnut will grab the attention of anyone who enters your dining area.


Again, since walnut comes to many colors, you can match the furniture that you are going  to combine with the walnut leg. Walnut is a part of durable wood. It can stay nice for a long period and it also has a high durability, so it can support heavy weight, just in case you put much stuff on it.

Another unique thing is walnut is easy to be shaped, so it is easier for your carpenter to build the legs and of course it will take less time to process it.

As you can predict, the great quality of walnut comes with the high price as well. However, if you are someone who finds perfection, the price of this wood is worth.

3. You Will Get this Rustic Farmhouse Ambience When You Use Hickory Wood

Different than other types of wood, hickory brings the ambience of rustic farm house. It is so right for any houses that bring this country design in the house.

When you make legs made from hickory, it will perfectly match for dining table, outside table especially for picnic, and so on. The colors are variant, from reddish until cream. It has medium grain, so you will get this earthy appearance that you can easily notice from the first sight you see it.


Even though it is high density that may cause cracking during the humid weather, you can always prevent it by maintaining the humidity around the house. The good thing is it has high durability, so you can use it for years without worrying about how to maintenance it year by year. Most hickory comes with light brown tone up to dark brown, but nowadays there are more colors that offered by markets to customers.

Belong to strong wood, hickory is still easy to be worked with. The price is way more affordable rather than walnut and oak, but the quality is more or less the same.

4. Having Limited Budget is Not A Problem, You Can Pick Pinewood.

Pinewood is one of the easiest materials you can find in the US. The high number of production of this wood makes the price of it is the most affordable among other types of wood.

Even though it is cheaper, you can always compare the quality that looks the same as other types of wood. It is easy to handle, so if you have a plan to make wood legs from pinewood, it will make the task of your carpenter way much easier.


The unique thing of pinewood is it produces unique fragrance that you will not find in other types of wood. It is the charm that many people look for from this versatile type of wood. Since the price is reasonable, you can use this type of wood to make more wood legs for any types of furniture you are going to have in the house, especially dining tables.

Most pinewood comes with light brown, so you need to be careful in matching it with the main furniture.

Even though this wood is affordable, the quality is still one of the best. It is easy to work with it and you can make any creations using pinewood, including the wood leg.

5. Making Coffee Café Vibe using Hard Maple as Your Wood Leg Material

The grain is light and smooth, so hard maple is recommended for making contemporary design, especially for wood leg. It is really light, extremely light.

Therefore, if you enjoy the coffee café vibe, hard maple is the best recommendation to bring this vibe into your house. You can match any materials of table using this hard maple wood leg. Among other types of wood, this one is the hardest to find in the market.


It has high durability, but it tends to burn if you use routers that are high speed cutters. Therefore, you don’t want to put them around the cutters. It has high durability, so many American use it as the main material for their house furniture, especially wood leg.

It comes with some specific color, from dark golden brown, light brown, up to creamy white. Any color will offer the same high durability, especially when you decide to use it as the material for your wood leg.

The price is expensive. However, when you compare it with other types of wood with the same quality, you will find out that the price of hard maple is reasonable for its quality.

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