Recycling is the new trend, even in interior decorations. You could save up your money to buy other necessities. Don’t worry too much about the look; as long as you know the trick, wooden palate could be just as elegant as any new decorations from high end store. Get some ideas from the options below.



1. Coffee Table

Without too many adjustment and additional installation, you could get a nice coffee table for your living room. It is simple. You only need to stack them. Make the size bigger or smaller according to your preference. Put them together using nails or super glue.

For better mobilization, install four wheels on the corners. You could also repaint the wooden pallets coffee table to match your living room decoration. Don’t forget to add another layer of board for even surface. Another option would be adding a glass layer. A center piece like small flower vase will add beauty point for your table.

2. Pallets Shelves

Wooden palate could fit into any room. There is no exception for kitchen or your mini bar. These places need a lot of pockets to store things. Grab the wooden pallets and make fancy shelves out of it. You might want to handpicked those with less gap in between. Otherwise, you might need to invest in small containers as well.

Stack the pallets to match your dining table. Push it to the wall near the cooking area. There is no need to hammer nails. They are good to use. Now you can stack the kitchen ingredients or unused plates to the spaces provided. If you are working on bar stalls, then line up the wine bottles and glasses on the top.

3. Dining Table

Coffee table is usually small, but wooden pallets works well. Why don’t take the material to create something bigger like dining table? Instead of stacking small wooden pallets, it will be easier to work with bigger pallets. If possible, measure the pallets by comparing it to your height. The ideal height would be up to your waist.

Next step would be removing three sides of the wooden pallet. They will be two squares on both sides and also one rectangle side. If you cannot do it by yourself, ask for help from carpenters. Lay it on the floor. For better visual, you could lay a patterned mat then a glass layer.

4. Sofas

How much will you spend on huge sofas? You might spend years for saving up money. Now you have options to make your own adjustable sofa for the family room. Start your project by selecting the wooden pallets. For sofa base, you will need a pallet made from sturdy wood. If you see that the wood is too thin, leave it.

After you arrive at home, measure the size and height for your sofa. Stack the wooden pallets as needed. Then, you need a layer of wooden board to make the surface even. Hammer some nails on the board to secure them. Now grab your sofa cover and comforter. Arrange them then secure using gun tacker. Lay some pillows on the top.


IMAGE: sven-fennema.de

5. Divider

Some people prefer to have one large room with no walls. This way, they could arrange the room as they like. If you also own similar room type, then you will know the function of divider. It is not merely there as decoration, but to draw lines in the room. Usually people use wardrobe as divider, but now you have even better option.

When you decide to use wooden pallets, make sure that your space with the new divider doesn’t require 100% privacy. Many wooden pallets have gaps, so you could see the other side of the rooms as well. To make this work, you will need nails and hammer. Stack them up high. Install some lights and hang pictures if you want to.

6. Wood Chandelier

Decoration could stand out not only for its beauty, but also for its uniqueness. You could hit both standards by creating a wood chandelier from wooden pallets. Be creative and patients while building the model. It might take days, but the result is really worth the effort.

You could build abstract model or even the maze style. The bulbs are attached to the board, so make sure you plan the electricity row well. Don’t forget to measure its height. The longer your chandelier, more bulbs are going to be used.

7. Garden Board

Do you like gardening? Then wooden pallets could help you to have better display. Instead of stacking them on the tray, you could install a wooden pallet horizontally. Make sure it is secured properly before you add another layer for your pot. You could tie them to the walls or even drill some screws to secure them.

For flower pot display, you have to options: using hook or using board. Both are easy to install. For the hook, you only need to buy the hook with screw ends. Press them to the spot you want, then hang the flowers. As for the board, you need to find one that fits the gap between the pallets. Push the board in, then line up the flower pots.

8. Lamp Shade

Some people love both simplicity and extravagant concept. While keeping their rooms in minimalist concept, they won’t forget to slip in one surprise element into it. Do you want to try the idea as well? Bring wooden pallets to the list. It could level up your decoration game. There are ways to make a lamp shade from the pallets.

For this idea, you will need two important things: glass jar and wooden pallets. First, paint the bottom of the glass jar with solid color. No light should escape from the bottom. Then, make a hole on the pallet surface, just enough to accommodate the glass jar. Secure the glass jar lid using super glue.

Install the wooden pallet on the ceiling, allowing the lamp to snuck inside. Now bring the glass jar and put it on its place. Turn on the lamps and enjoy the view.

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